All other budgeting apps are based on a consistent income. This app is based on your expenses.

Freelancing is not a typical M-F/9-5.

Most budgeting apps only work when you have a consistent income. An income for a freelancer is not consistent. Checks come in at different times and they fluctuate in amounts. This app is based on your expenses rather than your income.


Most budgeting apps don’t incorporate the additional headache of taxes that freelancers have to deal with. This will tell you how much you should set aside for taxes with each check.


A lot of freelancers have a hard time determining their rate. This app will give you a minimum rate based on your living expenses. It even adjusts to your non-typical M-F 9-5 schedule.

Check distribution

This app helps you divvy up your check into the right accounts (checking, savings, debt, etc.) so you know the right amount is going in the right place.

Flexible savings and debt adjustments

Want to put more into savings? Or more into paying off debts? Piece of cake.

open source & Customizable

It's a Google Spreadsheet so if you can use Excel you can custom tailor your budget. 


It's a spreadsheet that you save for your own use. No sensitive bank information is required. 


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