Your premiere editing assistant

Make markers and bins faster than ever

beta ver.1.0.1



  • Create marker buttons with title and comment. Every time the button is clicked, a marker with that title and comment is created on the sequence. Great for when you need to make the same marker over and over. 
  • Save marker button templates.
  • Create Green, Red, Purple, and Orange markers with one click. 
  • Scale, sort, and organize marker buttons. 


  • I hated making the same bins over and over. Binr creates bin trees with one click. 
  • Easily customizable.
  • Save bin templates for later.



Features in the works

  • Clip markers. Currently Markr can only create markers on a sequence and not on clips.
  • Ripple shift sequence markers. Don't you hate it when you move clips and the sequence markers don't move with them. Me too.