Accessing the Object Model Viewer in ExtendScript Toolkit / by Bryson Michael


The OMV (Object Model Viewer) inside of Adobe ExtenScript Toolkit is quick way to reference the Objects, Properties, and Methods of Premiere.

Beware that details on Toolkit are sparse. If you are looking for more extensive descriptions about each script, please head over to our Objects page and poke around. 

steps to access

1. Download  and open Premiere and ExtendScript Toolkit.

Adobe Premiere Pro 
ExtendScript Toolkit

2. Connect Toolkit to Premiere

In the upper left of ExtendScript, click the drop-down and select "Adobe Premiere Pro CC."

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 5.00.52 AM.png

Make sure the chain-link to the left of the drop-down is green and connected. 

3. Select Help > Object Model Viewer.


4. Select "Adobe Premiere Pro CC Object Model" in the browser



5. Search away!

Choose an Object (titled "Classes") and the Properties and Methods will show up in the Properties and Methods pane. After clicking an Object/Propery/Method, datails will show up in the center. Click "Close All" in the upper right to clear the details list. Beware, details on Toolkit are very sparse. For full documentation of Premiere's Object Model, check out our Objects page.

Have fun!