.encodeProjectItem() / by Bryson Michael

encoder.encodeProjectItem(projectItem:projectItem, outputFilePath:string, presetPath:string, workAreaType:numberOptional, removeFromQueueWhenComplete:numberOptional)

Type: method

Renders the specified project item, using the specified output preset, to the specified output path, with options.

workAreaType values:

  • 0 = Entire sequence Default
  • 1 = In to Out points
  • 2 = Work area

removeFromQueueWhenComplete values:

  • 0 = Job stays in the Adobe Media Encoder queue. Default
  • 1 = Job is removed from the Adobe Media Encoder queue. This can prevent out-of-memory problems when performing numerous renders.

Returns the jobID of the encoder job started for the specified sequence.

Return: stringJobID
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