GETTING STARTED / by Bryson Michael

Square 1: learning to code

I won't judge you. I had to start somewhere too. Here are some resources to get you started on learning how to code.

  • - Yes it's aimed at kids, but it makes learning code fun, and that's how it should be! This site teaches you the basic principles of coding. I personally referenced this site several times to get a better understanding of more advanced coding techniques. If kids can learn this, so can you!
  • Google, Youtube, Stack Overflow, are all your friends. If you get stuck, literally google your problem and there are hundreds, if not thousands of people out there who have your exact problem/solution. 
  • Once you get a basic understanding of programming, start focussing on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These are the core coding languages of Premiere's API. 


The visual jist




  • Premiere Pro Developer Center - This is a great hub of resources including the developer kits, SDK forums, etc.  
  • ExtendScript Toolkit CC - This is the desktop program to test and debug your code. It is most useful when debugging JSX (the backend of Premiere's API). You will use this in conjunction with your favorite text/coding editor (I use Sublime).
  • PProPanel - This is an example panel created by Adobe. You can use it to see how the different code examples work, or you can use it as a starting place to create your panel. That's how I did it!


handy tutorials